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Joel Meyerowitz - New York City, 1975

Our next assignment will be focused on street photography.

You will need to take A LOT of photographs over the next few weeks. Try shooting in many different locations. You can then narrow your images down to your best shots, which you will share with the class. You may work with both digital and/or film. Presentations of your work for this assignment will start just after February break on 2/17. Presentations should include around 15-20 of your selected images and 5-10 images of your chosen photographer(s).

In conjunction with your studio work for this assignment, you will need to research related photographers and complete assigned readings. This work can be done digitally (in google docs and/or the wiki) but should also be included on at least 2 research pages in your photo notebook.

READINGS: The Phyla of Street Photography and Ways of Working

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Gary Winogrand, Daido Moriyama, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Joel Meyerowitz, Saul Leiter, Elliot Erwitt, Martin Parr,
Others to look at: Carolyn Drake, Maciej Dakowicz, Alex Webb, Vivian Maier

Flickr - Hardcore Street Photographers
Public Life

William Klein
Joel Meyerowitz - Life on the Street and What you put in the Frame
Elliot Erwitt
Martin Parr

Assignment 1 - Week of Jan 20-24

Read The Phyla of Street Photography. Using the main topics outlined, choose two images from Flickr's Hardcore Street Photography Pool and write an analysis of each in your photo notebook and/or online in a google doc (make sure you share the doc with me if you do it online).

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Oscar Palomares (Flickr)